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New Organic Compost 
with Cow Manure

25 lb. bag

All Organic, 100% Natural

Product Information
Moo-Nure® is an excellent rich soil amendment that improves soil and retains moisture. Moo-Nure® is the mildest of manures and is suitable for all flowers, vegetables, rose gardens and trees.

Moo-Nure® can be used around plants, in the planting beds and as a soil conditioner or clay breaker.




   * Flower Bed Preparation

      Apply at a rate of 1-2 inches deep.  Incorporate the compost

      evenly 6-8 inches into the soil. 

   * Trees and Shrub Bed Preparation

      Apply at a rate of 4 inches deep.  Incorporate the compost

       into the top 12 inches of the bed. 

   * New Lawns

      Apply 1-2 inches of Moo-Nure® evenly and incorporate 5-7

      inches into the soil. 

   * Established Lawns

      Apply .5 inch of finely screened compost onto the surface. 

   * Potting Soil

​       Mix with topsoil, sand, Hydrocks®  or perlite. 

   * Seed Flats, Hot Beds, Greenhouses

      Mix 1 part compost, 4 parts soil, and 1 part sand. 

   * Field Application

      Restores fertility. 

       Irrigation water requirements reduced up to 40 percent. 

       Possible faster growth.  Diseasse suppression.

   * Compost Berms

      For erosion control and filtering systems. 


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