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We are so proud to share our revitalized Grow Green Fundraising™ Program with you and your organization. We want to help you raise money for your cause while ‘Enhancing People’s Lives and the Environment®’. We are dedicated to establishing life-long relationships with our community non-profits all while offering the best organic compost, soils, and mulch products in the country.

How does the program work?
- Garick will be responsible for taking care of everything you need.
- You will be provided with all of the marketing materials, information, and help you need to make this successful.
- All you have to do is share the information about our natural and environmentally friendly products for your lawn and garden with your supporters and volunteers.

What are the Benefits of this program?
- You have the potential to earn $10,000 or more for your organization!
- We offer more than mulch, which ensures you will raise more money.

It really is that easy!

For more information and to schedule an informational meeting with us, please contact us at 1-800-242-7425 x310 and/or We look forward to helping you Grow Green!

Fundraising FAQ’s:
How will my organization market the products?
We recommend you start with your database of volunteers and donors. You can also spread the
word on social media, press releases, and word of mouth. There are also opportunities to
collaborate with local business owners, schools, and athletic teams.

How do we deliver the products?
Garick handles all of the shipping and trucks! All you have to do is find a parking lot or other
large area, have volunteers available to help the day of pick up, and choose a date and time.

How soon can we have our products?
Once your orders are completed and turned into Garick, please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.
All products are shipped from our local manufacturing facilies.  

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