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Garick’s portable grinding crews work at jobsites and businesses to reduce woodwaste volumes and create usable material. We service land clearing, storm damage cleanup, compost and recycling yards, construction and demolition, pallet and crate cleanup, biomass energy, sawmill and wood manufacturing by-products.



Our mobile screening equipment will work at customers’ sites to help separate and size soils, compost, and mulches to increase their use and value. We service compost and recycling yards, landscape contractors, plant nurseries and growers, construction and demolition, pallet and crate cleanup, sawmill and wood manufacturing by-products. 


Marine, Rail, Barge Load/Unload

Garick project managers and equipment operators coordinate with their network of barge lines, railroads, and trucking companies to move customers’ bulk products, “door to door” throughout the US and world. Some of the industries we focus on are biomass energy, landscape supply, construction aggregates supply, and greenroof media supply.  



Our portable bagging service will help you add value to your product. Working at a customer’s site, our bagging equipment will handle soils, mulches, sand and stone products. The materials will be packaged in bags ranging in size from 1 cubic foot to 54 cubic feet. Industries we service are compost, soil and mulch producers, emergency sand bagging, and ice melt supply.

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