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The Ritz-Carlton, BioGreen360 and Garick Celebrate a Successful Collaboration Resulting in a 100% Circular Solution for Food Waste

Tue, August 9, 2022 

STRATHAM, N.H, PENTAGON CITY, Va. and CLEVELAND, Aug. 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- BioGreen360 ("BG360"), the leading innovator in distributed food waste management solutions, today announced the successful 12-month collaboration with The Ritz-Carton and Garick resulting in the development of a 100% circular food waste solution for The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City. 

On Memorial Day 2021, the Pentagon City Hotel and BG360 began the collaboration with Garick to implement a closed-loop program aimed at diverting 100% of the Hotel's food waste from landfill with the residual material being integrated into an all-natural, high nutrient organic compost product.  To achieve this goal, the Hotel leveraged BG360's innovative integrated distributed technology solution including:  a waterless digestor technology, proprietary bio-catalysis, an "as a service" business model and a real-time data analytics package.

Over the last 12 months operating the BG360 solution, The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City achieved its sustainability goals of successfully diverting 100% of its food waste totaling more than 27 tons, which is the CO2 equivalent of greater than 52 tons of waste diverted from landfill equating to 38 carbon offsets.  The organic material created through the on-site digestion process at the Arlington Hotel has been integrated into an all-natural compost at Garick's New Milford, CT facility, and is being repurposed into organic fertilizer closing the 360 loop.

"The BG360 solution has exceeded our expectations as it both reduced our carbon footprint by diverting organic waste from landfills and reduced our overall costs associated with our food waste," said Matt Felix, General Manager of The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City.  "We had expected the solution would be both a sustainable and an economic win for the Hotel and it has greatly exceeded our expectations.  Our sales and marketing team are excited to promote this circularity and our ability to provide zero food waste events at the Hotel."

In addition, the culinary staff at the Pentagon City Hotel has used the BG360 cloud platform and real-time data feeds to track which departments are creating waste to reduce it over time.  "We believed the BG360 solution would allow us to be more efficient in the kitchen," said Executive Chef Phil Skerman, "and this indeed has proven correct.  By tracking where, how much and what types of food waste are being created, we have streamlined our prep to minimize the amount of food loss created, and gained comfort the scraps we do create are turned into a sustainable natural resource rather than going to landfill."

"Over the past year, BG360, The Ritz-Carlton and Garick teams have worked closely together to create a completely circular solution for food waste," said Justin Rosberg, President & COO of BG360.  "It has been a terrific collaboration and we look forward to scaling this solution with these partners."


The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City
Set against a backdrop rich in history and tradition, The Ritz-Carlton, Pentagon City offers a modernly elegant hotel experience near the nation's capital. Luxury accommodations and amenities, including a globally influenced restaurant and event space, are complemented by attentive service and an Arlington, VA location that is moments from historic landmarks, museums and shopping.

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About Garick
Garick a North American distributor, processor and recycler of sustainable natural resource products, prides itself on its commitment to sustainability and environmental practices. Using food, yard and forest products residuals, Garick diverts and beneficially reuses organic waste streams and creates organic mulches, soils, and other sustainable products, supplying customers with a complete range of products in bags, bales or bulk.


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About BioGreen
BioGreen360 is the leader in distributed, on-site, digester technology and food waste solutions for institutional and consumer facing applications.  The Company's solutions are environmentally responsible, economically sustainable and fully scalable.  BioGreen360 is the only solution in the market that completely recycles food waste from the overall waste stream at its source.  Through proprietary microbial formulae coupled with patent-pending mechanical and evaporation technologies, BioGreen360 completely eliminates food waste on-site through a fully automated, continual feed aerobic digesting system.  It is the only triple-bottom line solution in the food waste management space.

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