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Technical Info:
Designated Dryer® is produced by fully calcining clay at temperatures in excess of 2000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Light Weight
The bulk density of Designated Dryer® is much lower than that of soil, sand and many types of soil amendments - a definite advantage during transportation, handling and installation. Yet it is strong and durable - providing long-term aeration in potting mixes and rooting media.

Neutral pH
Designated Dryer® will not release carbonates or other chemicals that affect the pH of potting mixes. It is chemically stable, but can be treated with chemical supplements to meet the pH requirements of a particular application.

Chemically Inert
Because Designated Dryer® has been fully calcined at temperatures in excess of + 2000 degrees Fahrenheit, it is a ceramic material. It will not compress, decompose, or react with agricultural or horticultural chemicals. Designated Dryer™ has a low cation exchange capacity.

No Shrinkage
Designated Dryer® is completely inorganic, and will not decompose like organic materials such as peat, sawdust, composts and bark. Designated Dryer® maintains its porosity, providing superior aeration for optimum plant growth and healthy root structure. Added to soil mixtures at a rate of 10% to 20% by volume, Designated Dryer® prevents soil compaction and promotes root growth.

Because of its natural color, Designated Dryer® blends well with other soil materials. It also makes excellent mulch particularly in high traffic areas.

Soil Incorporation 
Designated Dryer® is an ideal amendment for raised beds used for the production of roses and other ornamental plants. When incorporated at a rate of 15 to 25% by volume, it improves drainage and aeration, promoting plant growth. Designated Dryer® is also an ideal medium for hydroponic production systems.

Moisture Retention
Designated Dryer® allows free drainage, but also absorbs up to 30% of its weight in water and water born nutrients. Water and nutrients are slowly and steadily released as the soil dries.Designated Dryer® particles will not float up or sink out of a blended medium.

Designated Dryer® can help you:

  • Prevent wet, slippery conditions

  • Remove standing water and mud

  • Decrease irrigation needs

  • Lessen divoting and damage to turf

  • Lower injury risk

  • Reduce water usage

  • Increase plant performance

Recreational Benefits: 

  • Improved Performance 

  • Absorbs excess moisture and prevents puddling. 

  • Promotes drainage.

  • Prevents compaction and hard areas.


Fewer Rain outs and Delays  

The naturally porous nature of Designated Dryer® will absorb excess water. In addition, because it does not compress or breakdown, it prevents compaction creating air and pore space in the recreational surface, promoting rapid drainage.

Decreases Maintenance Time and Costs 
Your recreational surface will require fewer repairs. 
Your time and effort can be spent on other projects.

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