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About Us

Designated Dryer®is a trademark of Garick, headquartered in Cleveland, OH. Garick was founded in 1980, and is a leading distributor of natural resource products in the United States and Canada, servicing the landscape, recreation, lawn, garden and construction industries. With over thirty terminals and ports located throughout the United States, Garick has the capability to supply a complete range of products in bags, bales, bulk or barges throughout the world. Garick procures many of its products from a multitude of suppliers within the forest product, agricultural, and mining industries.

Garick’s corporate tradition is rooted in the principles of environmental sustainability and superior product quality. Additionally, Garick employees are active members of the ASTM organization to ensure that our product is compliant with the new, and ever-changing, industry standards.

Our goal is to increase our retail distribution of Designated Dryer®, so don’t hesitate to contact us at 800-2GARICK (800-242-7425) ext. 311 should you not find a distributor in your area.

Additional information about Garick and Garick’s line of products can be viewed at Please contact us if you have additional questions or concerns that are not addressed on our website.

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