Consumer Products

Bagged Mulches

Garick offers a wide assortment of Hardwood, Color Enhanced, Pine & Cypress mulches to include: 

Nature's Perfect® Mulch

Hardwood Mulch

Pine Bark Nuggets

Pine Bark Mini Nuggets

Pine Bark Mulch

Cypress Mulch Blend

Red Dyed Mulch

Black Dyed Mulch

Brown Dyed Mulch

All products are available in Bagged and Bulk !

For more information on individual products please see 

          Garick Mulches

For more information on individual products and where they can be purchased, please see 

Garick Soils & Soil Conditioners

  Bagged Soil & Soil Conditioners 

From our premium Organic Valley® line, to proven garden soils and soil conditioners, Garick is sure to have just the product you are looking for.  

Organic Valley® Premium Topsoil

Organic Valley® Premium Potting Mix

Organic Valley® Premium Garden Soil

Organic Valley® Premium Compost

Natures Helper® Soil Conditioner

Natures Helper® Mushroom Compost



Potting Soil

Compost Manure

Dehydrated Cow Manure

Mushroom Compost


Bagged Hardscapes & Other Surfaces

With a wide assortment of surface products, Garick is sure to have just what you are looking for !  All products are available in bagged or bulk! 

Kids Karpet® Playground Surfacing


Red Volcanic Rock

White Marble

Deco Sand Pebbles

Paver Base

Mountain Blend

Western Sunset

River Pebble (Pond Pebble)

River Rock (1"-1.5")

River Cobble (2"-3")

Paver Leveling Sand

Pea Gravel

Multi Purpose gravel

Play Sand

Premium Play Sand

For more information on individual products and where they can be purchased please see:

Garick Hardscapes & Other Surfaces

Bulk Products 

From mulches to soil conditioners and aggregates, Garick offers an array of options for your bulk needs. 

For more information on what we offer and to contact us please go to :

Garick Bulk Products

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