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Our Pledge to Sustainability

ForestGarick is committed to the concept and practice of corporate sustainability. Around the world people are imagining new ways to improve their quality of life; ways that balance economic progress, social equity, and long-term protection of the environment for future generations.

Garick’s sense of sustainable practice is the set of values, issues and processes that we must address and follow in order to minimize any harm resulting from our activities and to create economic, social and environmental value.

Garick is committed to preserving the environment and to the sustainable use of our natural resources. We are focused not only on the economic value we must add to our company and its partners, but also on the environmental and social values we must add and enhance.

The popular definition from a United Nations’ commission says that you are being sustainable when you are “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”

From the Dow Jones Sustainability Group: Sustainability-driven companies achieve their business goals by integrating economic, environmental and social growth opportunities into their business strategies. These sustainability companies pursue these opportunities in a proactive, cost-effective and responsible manner today, so that they will outpace their competitors and be tomorrow’s winners. Sustainable companies not only manage the standard economic factors affecting their businesses but the environmental and social factors as well.


“…The triple bottom line is people, planet and profit - the idea being that environmental quality and social equity are just as important as black ink at the bottom of the ledger.”
-Terry Slavin, “Ethical Business,” The Observer

“Sustainability means that your service or product competes in the marketplace because it delivers goods or services that reduce energy consumption, pollution, and other forms of environmental damage.”
- Paul Hawken, The Ecology of Commerce

The Triple Bottom Line

Garick is committed to practicing the management of the triple bottom line (TBL), which focuses companies not just on the economic value they add, but also on the environmental and social value they add - and/or destroy. At its broadest, the term is used to capture the whole set  of values, issues and processes that companies must address in order to minimize any harm resulting from their activities and to create economic, social and environmental value. This involves being clear about the company’s purpose and taking into consideration the needs of all the company’s stakeholders - shareholders, customers, employees, business partners, governments, local communities and the public.

The Triple Bottom Line

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