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Mar 22

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Yes, Moo-Nure is exactly what you are probably thinking - organic compost with cow manure. But in fact, it’s much sexier than that, especially for garden and lawn enthusiasts. Moo-Nure® is an excellent rich soil amendment that improves soil and retains moisture. Moo-Nure® is the mildest of manures and is suitable for all flowers, vegetables, rose gardens and trees. The product works nicely with flower bed preparation, tree and shrub preparation, new and established lawns, potting soil, greenhouses, field application and compost berms. What makes Moo-Nure® special is that it’s 100% natural and organic and is also incredibly easy to use. Most garden and lawn tenders know how important it is to keep soil enriched to encourage maximum healthy growth - especially this time of year when we are all spending more time enjoying the outdoors.


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