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Green Roofs

Mar 22

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Spring has officially sprung and we are focusing our attention on green roofs! Not only are green roofs abundant in benefits, they are also incredibly enjoyable this time of year. Through our subsidiary brand, rooflite®, we are able to collaborate on some of the coolest green roof projects in the country. One of the most well-known projects we were a part of is the Target Center’s green roof in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The Target Center’s green roof is the fifth largest extensive green roof in the U.S. and the largest in Minnesota. It is also the first green roof installed on an arena in North America. Nearly 1 million gallons of storm water will be captured annually by the 2.5 acre green roof to prevent drainage into the Mississippi River. In addition to storm water drainage prevention, the roof will also help in mitigating the heat island effect in downtown Minneapolis. The green roof was part of an overall project by the City to replace 29 conventional roofs on five levels of the Target Center.

rooflite® is the leading purveyor of green roof growing media, which is an engineered soil that both mimics and improves on the properties of natural soil. Although native soil works perfectly in its natural environment, it cannot be used on green roofs due to its excessive weights, its inability to retain sufficient amounts of moisture, as well as its inability to drain excessive amounts of moisture properly. rooflite®‘s green roof media products are lightweight to minimize the roof load, heavy enough not to get dislocated by wind or flowing water and stable enough to give plants sufficient hold. Additionally, rooflite® has been created in three formulas, rooflite® extensive, rooflite® semi-intensive, and rooflite® intensive, in order to meet every green roof need. All rooflite® products work collaboratively with any corresponding green roof system complying with FLL and ASTM standards.

We expect green roofs and rooftop gardens to continue to play an important role in “greenifying” cities and utilizing existing resources for higher purposes. We are excited to share more green roof and rooftop garden projects with you in the future!


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